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Goodbye referral headaches

Hello referral bliss

Discover why doctors, providers and ancillaries trust our HIPAA-compliant platform to streamline their referral experience, reduce errors and improve care coordination.

Patient referral

Goodbye referral headaches

Can we agree the current process of managing referrals is practically set up to fail? Trying to coordinate patients, scheduling systems, healthcare professionals, referral forms, signatures, reports and faxes – it’s easy to see where errors can, and do, occur. Not to mention, the numerous hours dedicated to back and forth follow up from the original referral. We get it. It’s a daily battle, and we’re ready to help you say goodbye to these referral headaches.

Hello referral bliss

Referralogix is the first online referral management solution for providers enabling real-time, two-way communication about your patient and their referral status. Our platform provides a simple workflow process, and a dynamic dashboard displaying the status of each of your referrals. Utilizing AI-driven technology, the Referralogix platform automates burdensome tasks, decreases processing errors and speeds up the sending and receiving of referrals. We’re talking about managing your referrals in seconds, not minutes or hours – hello referral bliss. 

Referralogix patient document management

Send and receive documents through a HIPAA-compliant platform. No printing required. Seriously none.

Patient referral send and receive
Referralogix patient document management 2

View and track your inbound and outbound orders in real-time. No follow-up call or fax needed. Really. 

Patient referral order management
Referralogix patient document management 3

Analyze referral data and assess improvement opportunities with just a few clicks. Truly, it’s that easy.

Patient referral report analysis
Referralogix patient document management 4

Digitize your faxes. Access them anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection.

Patient referral send and receive fax
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Referralogix user Lynn Hinojos

“Referralogix has improved our patient care by making our referral process more efficient”

Lynn Hinojos
Office Manager

Manage referrals like a boss

Referralogix makes true care coordination possible with real-time communication tools and reporting, and a fully capable, HIPAA secure platform. Our advanced, AI-driven, automated cloud-based technology enables you to easily track, review, respond, and store all relevant referral documents, as well as manage invoicing and payment processing.

Referralogix patient document management 5

Ensure employees successfully manage every aspect of the referral – never dropped or left behind.

Referralogix Employee management
Referralogix patient document management 6

Communicate securely with patients and providers using RLX Channel and Groupchat. 

Referralogix Real time patient communication
Referralogix patient document management 7

Choose additional features such as integrated invoice solutions to meet your needs.

Referralogix Integrated invoicing
Referralogix patient document management 8

Discover customized features, including integrated payment solutions for your patients.

Referralogix Payment processing
The team at Referralogix believes we can reduce the hundreds of thousands of deaths per year due to medical miscommunication – with your help.

Poorly coordinated care and fragmented insurance networks contribute to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year.


Referralogix is a scalable, affordable technology specifically designed to meet your challenges in managing referrals through accurate, real-time and efficient communications.


By continually advancing and employing the latest technologies—including artificial intelligence, cross-enterprise workforce automation and data-aware documentation—we can improve healthcare network integrity, referral communications, and care coordination across the entire health system.

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