Diagnostic Imaging

Traditional digital imaging referrals

Traditional Referral Process

A primary care physician (PCP) needs to order an x-ray for a patient

  1. The primary care office faxes a one-page order form to the Imaging Center
  2. The Imaging Center submits their own Imaging Requisition form, adds supporting medical notes, attaches a cover sheet and sends back to the PCP
  3. The PCP completes this form, adds the doctor’s signature and faxes it back to the Imaging Center
  4. The Imaging Center coordinates with the patient to schedule the appointment
  5. The Imaging Center adds the patient information into their PACS/RIS system
  6. After the patient’s appointment, the Imaging Center produces a radiology report and sends it back to the PCP (either via their PACS/RIS or directly)

Our Automated Process

Every referral process is automated in the Referralogix dashboard

  1. A primary care office enters the patient & exam information into Referralogix
  2. Referralogix then creates a digital version of the facility’s requisition forms and sends them to the Imaging Center
  3. The Imaging Center coordinates directly with the patient through Referralogix to set up the appointment
  4. Referralogix then creates digital versions of any forms the Imaging Center needs, automatically coordinates with the PCP for any digital signatures required
  5. Referralogix then sends any forms and/or data needed directly into the PACS/RIS (or the Imaging Center can use Referralogix as their PACS/RIS)

  6. After the patient’s appointment, the Imaging Center produces a radiology report and attaches it to the order in Referralogix, Referralogix presents the report to the PCP. The PCP can then directly communicate via Referralogix with the Imaging Center and/or the patient regarding the report

Referralogix replaced communications and workflow weak spots with workflow automation, real-time reporting, and integrated communications systems. Our advanced, AI-driven, automated cloud-based technology gives you easy-to-use dashboards and automated document management so you can track, review, respond to and store the entire referral lifecycle.

Referralogix reduces errors, saves time, increases revenue and, ultimately, saves lives.

Referralogix Interface

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