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Diagnostic Imaging

  • Discover how Referralogix is revolutionizing the referrals process for diagnostic imaging.
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Dialysis Centers

  • Referralogix will soon be available for dialysis centers.

Laboratory Services

  • Referralogix will soon be available for laboratory services.

Medical Supplies

  • Referralogix will soon be available for medical supplies providers.

Referralogix gives you a rigorously accountable, scalable and customizable referral system. One that reduces errors, saves time, boosts revenue and ultimately, saves lives.

How it works

The cutting-edge technology behind Referralogix provides full real-time control and visibility throughout the referral lifecycle. AI Deep Learning, secure cloud hosting, smart order forms, and a Privacy Shield Framework are all built on a robust enterprise platform that can process over 1.5 million transactions per hour.

All this contributes to reduced processing times as required documentation is captured up-front to prevent denials.

The Referralogix Platform as a Service

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