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We're ready to delight your stethoscope off with a HIPAA-secure platform to manage referrals like a boss. 

During your virtual or in-person demonstration, you'll discover how Referralogix can help you, your referral partners and your patients by automating the entire referral process through real-time digital reporting and customizable workflow automation. 

  • Reduce errors and save time with AI-driven features

  • Communicate, in real-time, with providers and patients

  • Track, review, respond and store relevant referral documents 

  • Manage invoicing and integrate customized payment processing

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You and your referring partners can be up and running on Referralogix within minutes.  While the platform is robust, the basics can be learned almost instantly, and referrals can be sent in seconds.


Reach out today.   


We'll show  you what's possible and help you start managing referrals like a boss.

Let us show you how easy patient referrals can be!

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