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You can lead or
you can follow.

Get ahead of government mandates for bi-directional data exchange.

Invest in a secure and private bi-directional

exchange platform for the efficient transfer of records and information between providers and patients.




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The government is mandating the existence of an interconnected network of providers to expedite the flow of data.


We are building that network, and so are our competitors. Two of our largest competitors were recently acquired, which means the network is coming and soon. The question is, will you lead or follow. 

Joining our network can help you score the 75 points required to avoid penalties!

The mandate is part of the 2022 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which designates 25% of a clinician’s score based on the “Promoting Interoperability” performance category. What most providers and healthcare

enterprises have not yet realized is that their EMR does not meet the criteria of providing for the “bi directional exchange” of health information – a fact that will earn you a ZERO in the Promoting Interoperability category. 


Don’t worry – we’re not asking anyone to change their EMR. Not at all. We do, however, want to note a zero in this category guarantees you a NINE percent PENALTY or reduction in reimbursement. We can help you avoid this penalty and potentially increase your CMS reimbursement. 

Referralogix provides a secure and private bi-directional exchange platform for the efficient transfer of records and information between providers, regardless of the EMR you use. The new groupchat platform is intuitive and simple to use, so training is quick and cost effective.

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Lead or Follow, 

Your Choice

This is your opportunity to pioneer the future of digital communications exchange for the field of medicine. You can either lead it or be forced to continue following the lead of EMR companies and health insurers.


Parameters of current raise: $1,400,000 units at $0.77 per unit. Company valuation: $12,160,000 (pre-money) $13,560,000


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Seeking Strategic


We have commitments for $700,000 in buy orders. We are looking to fill the balance with strategic investors who can help build the network through mandated use within their organization.


Ideal candidates going forward would also become customers with opportunity to share in revenue. You can get a sense of the opportunity. by using our calculator below. Please note that revenue opportunities are available to all customers. 

Monetizing a 

FREE Network

The calculator below provides examples of the amount of monthly revenue a user base can generate from advertising. These figures are merely ESTIMATES. Our user base figures may appear large because they include patients and staff, but our estimates and assumptions are explained below for each segment of the potential user base.


Consider Your Opportunity for 

Ad Revenue Sharing

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Earn this money in 3 easy steps!

Get information regarding MIPS mandates and regulations straight from the source.

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