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How it works

You're going to be delighted about how quick and simple the on-boarding process is for you and your team. After your virtual, or in-person, demonstration is complete, our team inputs your designated company contacts, key phrases library (see below) and basic contact information for your top-tier referring physicians. 

Your account representative will walk through the Referralogix platform with your registered users to confirm all data has been accurately entered.  Together, they will generate the first few referrals within the platform and confirm everyone understands how to initiate a new referral; utilize the real-time chat feature and navigate the referral status dashboard. 

To maximize the sending and receiving of new referrals, and communicate electronically about a patient's referral status, you will receive templated communications to share with your extended network of providers (those who are not yet registered users of the Referralogix platform). We provide, at no charge, demonstrations and on-boarding sessions for these individuals too.

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Referralogix map of network
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The Referralogix connected provider network spans across the United states. Our intuitive solution is designed for individuals who are creating, delivering and/or tracking the referral. Our care coordination tools, and document manager feature continue to be adopted by a variety of healthcare providers, including PCPs, specialists and ancillaries - small and large.


System Upgrades 

Referralogix system upgrades
Referralogix system upgrades personalized telephone number

Our texting tool leverages a generic phone number, however, if you prefer to port a line or create a new number with a specific area code,  we can easily accommodate your needs. 

Referralogix system upgrades 2
Referralogix Payment processing

Easily manage up-front appointment deposit payments to reduce cancellations and increase cashflow with our easy and intuitive payment processing system.

Referralogix system upgrades 3
Referralogix Inbound fax management

Digitally receive all of your faxes, for referrals or other practice communications. And, manage them in one location that is accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection. 


Profesional Services

Referralogix system upgrades 1

We can load the 25 most commonly-used phrases and automated messages onto your RLX dashboard, to ensure your patients and your staff maintain consistent communications each and every time. 

Referralogix Phrase library
Referralogix system upgrades 3

A Referralogix team member ensures your RLX dashboard and company settings are set up to match your referral workflow process. We set up all of your users and load your phrase library (see above) if needed.

Referralogix free implementation
Referralogix system upgrades 5

We believe we’ve created a near-perfect referral management platform, and yet we understand there may be some tools you want that are unique to your practice. No problem. We enjoy exploring new ideas.

Referralogix fully customizable
Referralogix system upgrades 6

Referralogix has the structure and development team to customize referral documentation for our clients to share with their referring partners.

Referralogix document management
Referralogix path to join

Become a part of the fastest growing FREE referral management platform in the market. You and your referring partners can implement our system within minutes. While the platform is robust, the basics can be learned in minutes, and referrals can be sent in seconds. Reach out today, so we can help you start managing referrals like a boss.

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