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Meet Our Team

We are a passionate team of automation experts with over a century of combined experience in creating digital enterprise solutions for the US healthcare industry (along with telecommunications, retail, and sports).


At Referralogix, we are focusing our healthcare and IT experience in solving the industry challenge of referral leakage.


We are here to make a real and lasting difference. To develop and improve advanced automated referral technology. So that together, we can save lives and save money.

Referralogix Jim Lord CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Lord
Referralogix Ramon Rodriguez Director

Dir. of Business Development 

& General Counsel

Ramon Rodriguez
Referralogix Craig Mertens Product Delivery Officer

Product Delivery Officer

Craig Mertens
Referralogix Adrian Moreno Product Delivery Officer
Adrian Moreno

Product Delivery Officer

Referralogix Mike Baker Business development partner
Mike Baker

Business Development Partner

Referralogix Philip Mattingly Sr Healthcare Consultant
Philip Mattingly

Sr. Healthcare Consultant

Referralogix David White CRO
David White

Chief Revenue Officer

Referralogix Matthew Calderon
Matthew Calderon

Graphic Design Specialist

Referralogix Rudy Flores Lead Graphic Designer
Rudy Flores

Lead Graphic Designer

Referralogix Jessica Flores Lead account manager
Jessica Flores

Lead Account Manager and Director of Clinical Integration

Referralogix Sonia Smith Executive Assitant
Sonia Smith

Executive Assistant


Our values


Honesty, clarity and openness are key to the patient referral lifecycle. Every transaction is reported for complete visibility, full compliance, and simple billing reconciliation between all parties.

Referralogix Transparency
Referralogix 12

We believe in supporting and inspiring everyone who works alongside us. From providers and patients to our employees and vendors, the more we empower, the more we succeed.

Referralogix Empowerment

To us, this word means rural, urban, local and national. Our company exists not only to create an exceptional referral  experience, but to support the environment, education, and each other.

Referralogix Community

What we're up to...

Referralogix About RLX

Giving Back

The more we work together, the more we achieve together. For this reason, we’ve chosen to support The Environmental League.

This inspirational nonprofit, focused on education and advocacy, inspires current and future generations to lead more socially responsible, yet naturally adventurous, lives.

The Environmental League utilizes project-based learning with high school and middle school students, in context with nature, to develop environmental awareness and strong critical thinking skills.

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