Our technology


  • From document creation and attachment to referral chaining and referral communications – all digital and in real time


  • Automated dashboard and chat functionality
  • Consistent, proactive ‘push’ experience to each user’s dashboard

Visibility & Reporting

  • Real-time control and visibility throughout the referral lifecycle
  • Full audit trail on every system transaction

Referral Chaining

  • Continuum of healthcare visible to all necessary parties, thus reducing costs and improving care

Every referral process is automated for you in your Referralogix dashboard – from the creation of digital requisition forms to populating the document with patient and order data.

You are also notified of actions you need to take. This is done within the Referralogix dashboard, by the secure chat feature, or by text.

All this contributes to reduced processing times as required documentation is captured up-front to prevent denials.

Referralogix Dashboard
Benefits for Referral Coordinators

Benefits for Referral Coordinators

  • Reduce time to build an order by up to 95%
  • Reduce order processing times
  • Reduce errors during order creation and confirmation
  • Ensure work accuracy through notification of patient duplicates, etc.
  • Increase transparency of necessary information, thereby reducing time spent digging for data
Benefits for Ancillary

Benefits for Ancillary Providers

  • Increase order throughput
  • Accelerate the time to submit claims
  • Facilitate inventory management and equipment recovery
  • Reduce prescription to delivery time for better patient experience
  • Improve care coordination

Our underlying cloud architecture is intelligent and scalable

  • Over 1.5 million transaction processes per hour
  • New object screens are 75% coded by AI-written code and then handed off to our programmers for the last 25%
  • Smart order forms implement AI rules engine
  • Customizable UI Components
  • Flexible role-based access control
  • The Referralogix Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically writes code to execute business logic that’s been stored as data.
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Scalable workflow automation
  • Services enabled integration

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